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Sengoku Basara Season 1 Episode 9

Oda Nobunaga advances from Kyushu where he cuts down all in his path, killing both Shimazu Yoshihiro and Zabby, and decimating their forces. Meanwhile, the other alliance generals recoup, Date Masamune (who is now up and about) and Kojūrō are once again on equal terms, while Takeda Shingen gifts Sanada Yukimura with a new spear to replace the one that was lost during the previous battle. However, Sarutobi Sasuke bring bad news as he fills the others in on Nobunaga’s movements as well as the fact that many warlords are falling to Owari forces. This includes Tokugawa Ieyasu, who has been assassinated by Akechi Mitsuhide. It is figured that Oda’s vassals will soon be coming after Masamune, Shingen and Uesugi Kenshin. Yet, Sasuke feels no need to send a warning to Kenshin since the man’s own scouts must have informed him of the advance by now.

Meanwhile, Kenshin and Kasuga have a intellectual talk, but they are interrupted by a shinobi who professes to work for Sasuke, showing the Takeda Clan symbol. Kenshin decides to meet with her, but after only a few words, the woman shoots at him instead. The shinobi reveals herself to be Nōhime and proceeds to initiate a battle between herself and the warlord. She is quickly subdued, but Mori Ranmaru shows up as her back up, killing Kenshin’s men and wounding the general himself. Nōhime takes advantage of the situation and aims her guns at Kenshin. Kasuga steps in to take the hit, but Kenshin pulls her away, taking a bullet in the chest, abdomen, and wrist. After the warlord falls, Nōhime and Ranmaru escape, leaving a devastated Kasuga holding the body of her lord in the rain.

Back at Kai, Shingen rides out to the site of a dam that in breaking due to the overflow of the Midai River, due to the torrential thunderstorm. He uses a bolder to staunch the biggest of the leaks as the other villagers rush to repair it. However, none other than Akechi shows up, having been sent to take down the Tiger of Kai. Caught between trying to repair the dam and fighting off Akechi Mitsuhide, a one-sided battle ensues, and it is only after the arrival of Yukimura and some of Masamune’s men (who have also come to help repair the dam), that Shingen is able to fight his enemy head on. Masamune and Kojūrō also show up, and Masamune is enraged by the sight of his enemy from the last battle.

Using one of his attacks, Akechi destroys the dam, causing all the men and villagers to be swept away. While Shingen tries to hold his own against the raging water, Akechi jabs the blade of his scythe into the warlord, causing the man to lose his grip and fall into the river. Yukimura dives into the water to save his lord, but fails to reach him. Left standing on the shore, an infuriated Masamune and Kojūrō get ready to face off against Akechi, who agrees to the battle with pleasure as lightning illuminates the soon-to-be battleground.

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Serie: Sengoku Basara

Episode Title: Tiger of Kai, The Honourable Imperial Messenger dies in the river!

Air Date: 2009-05-27


Sengoku Basara Season 1 Episode 9