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Season 1
Episode 1 - Seiya Saves My Life! Legendary Saint Fighter's Resurrection! Episode 2 - Departure! Saints of the new age! Episode 3 - The Law of the Mask! The Wind Saint appears! Episode 4 - The Son of a Hero! Ryūhō versus Kōga! Episode 5 - Selection Trials! Challenged in the Camp of Death! Episode 6 - The Curtain Raises! The Saint Fight! Episode 7 - The Fist of a Friend! Hit, Pegasus Meteor Fist! Episode 8 - Fateful Meeting! The smashing Gold Saint! Episode 9 - The crisis of Sanctuary! Dash, Ninja Saint! Episode 10 - Suicidal rescue! One more Gold Saint! Episode 11 - Protect Aria! The Attack of Sonia, the Pursuer! Episode 12 - The Inherited Cosmo! Shun, the Legendary Saint! Episode 13 - Seiya's Message! To you, I entrust Athena! Episode 14 - Reunion in My Homeland! Mentor and Disciple Duel in the Snowfields! Episode 15 - The Poisonous Fangs Approach! The Second Ruins Surrounded by Intrigue! Episode 16 - At the Star of Destiny's Side! The Way of Living of a Saint! Episode 17 - Protect Them! The Cloth Repairer and the Legendary Ore! Episode 18 - The Flames of Revenge! Sōma, The Battle of Destiny! Episode 19 - The secret of the Five Old Peaks! Pass it down, Father, the fighting spirit of Shiryū! Episode 20 - For Aria's sake! Eden's Wrathful Lightning Strike! Episode 21 - The Flightless Pegasus! The Journey of Forfeit! Episode 22 - Thoughts of a Friend! The Way of the Ninja and the Pride of a Saint! Episode 23 - Invading the Enemy Camp! Young Saints, Together Again! Episode 24 - Aiming for a Reunion! Let's Go to the Last Ruins! Episode 25 - Unknown Territory! The Moment of a Chance Meeting! Episode 26 - Reminiscences and Revenge! The Trap of the Ruins of Darkness! Episode 27 - The End of the Journey! The Light of the Girl and the Youths! Episode 28 - The Strongest Army! The Gathering of the Gold Saints! Episode 29 - The Beginning of a New Battle! The Zodiac Temples! Episode 30 - Wondrous Power! The Taurus Saint! Episode 31 - The Crossroad of Fate! The Enigma of Gemini! Episode 32 - The True Terror! The Unearthly Atmosphere of Cancer! Episode 33 - The Essence of Cosmo! The Seventh Sense! Episode 34 - The Threshold Between Life and Death! The Battle of the Underworld! Episode 35 - The Fist of the Lion! Eden's Sorrowful Battle! Episode 36 - Sublime Pride! Mycenae's Kingly Fist! Episode 37 - Steadfast Guardian! The Gold Saint of Virgo! Episode 38 - The Heroic Betrayal! Eden's Determined Fighting Spirit! Episode 39 - Reunion in Libra! Clash, Gold vs. Gold! Episode 40 - Sonia's Resolution! The Chain of Fate Is Broken! Episode 41 - Tokisada's Ambition! The Champion Beyond Time! Episode 42 - The Traitorous Gold Saint! Ionia versus Kouga! Episode 43 - Resurrection of the War Gods! Break Into the Last Temple! Episode 44 - For My Friends! The Hidden Power in Koga! Episode 45 - The Malevolent War God! Mars and Ludwig! Episode 46 - Koga and Eden! Young Cosmo, Slay the Darkneess! Episode 47 - The Only Hope! A New Battlefield! Episode 48 - Gather Friends! Koga's Overflowing Cosmo! Episode 49 - The Ruler of Darkness! The Terror of Abzu! Episode 50 - Take it to Seiya! The Wish of the Young Saints! Episode 51 - Shine, Koga! The Final Battle Between Light and Darkness! Episode 52 - A New Cloth! Fly, New Pegasus! Episode 53 - The Reunion! Souma, Let Your Spirit's Flame Burn! Episode 54 - Strengthen my Courage! Cloth, be Reborn! Episode 55 - The Irreplaceable One! Dragon, Awake! Episode 56 - Resound in my Heart! Haruto's Shout! Episode 57 - Defeat Pegasus! Eden, the Warrior of Solitude! Episode 58 - The Four Great Kings Arrive! Athena vs. Pallas Complete Showdown! Episode 59 - The Bond between Brothers! Andromeda Shun Joins the Battle Episode 60 - The Star of Steel! Subaru, Embrace your Fighting Spirit of Steel! Episode 61 - A Great Army Approaches! The Battle to Defend Palaestra! Episode 62 - Genbu's Deadly Battle! Excalibur vs. the Sword of Libra Episode 63 - Seiya, Head to the Frontlines! Athena's Decision! Episode 64 - Go Forward, Saint! The Innaccesible Road to Palace Belda! Episode 65 - Break Down the Gate of the Iron Wall! Pegasus's Spear and Dragon's Shield! Episode 66 - The Steel Struggle! The Nameless Warriors! Episode 67 - Subaru, the Cosmo of Wonder! Eden's Mission! Episode 68 - Koga and Pallas! Encounter on the Battlefield! Episode 69 - Make A Storm Of Fire! The Friendship Of Yuna And Soma Episode 70 - The Cloth Destroyer! The Stray Pallasite Attack! Episode 71 - The Accursed Cloth!? The Equuleus Saint! Episode 72 - The Inherited Cloth! The Birth of Equuleus Subaru! Episode 73 - Episode 73 Episode 74 - Episode 74 Episode 75 - The Destined Encounter! The Return of Gemini Episode 76 - The Phoenix! Phoenix Ikki Arrives! Episode 77 - Move Time! Athena's Saints Gather! Episode 78 - The Deciding Battle Begins! To Determine the Fate of the Goddesses! Episode 79 - The Offense and Defense Assasin! Shun's Secret Chain! Episode 80 - The King of Time! Hyoga's Absolute Zero Air! Episode 81 - Putting On the Chronotector! The Four Heavenly Kings' Attack! Episode 82 - The Peak Fighting Spirit! Ikki vs. Aegaeon! Episode 83 - Shiryu and Ryuhou! Spirit of the Five Old Peaks! Episode 84 - The Approaching Shadow! The Gold Saints Protecting Athena! Episode 85 - Fighting Destiny! The Confession of Rebellion! Episode 86 - The Secret of the Cloths! A New Power Is Activated! Episode 87 - The Gold Union! The Forbidden Mystery! Episode 88 - The Remaining Determination! The Great Saints' Teachings! Episode 89 - Awaken! The Ultimate Omega! Episode 90 - Taurus Charge!! Reaching Pallas's Chamber! Episode 91 - Athena and Pallas! Battle of the Goddesses Episode 92 - Seiya's True Feelings! The Lie From His Return! Episode 93 - The God of Time! The Ascent of Saturn! Episode 94 - Fighter of Hope! The Ties That Bind Saints! Episode 95 - Overcome the God! Seiya's Cosmo! Episode 96 - Episode 96 Episode 97 - Episode 97
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Saint Seiya Omega

A spin-off based on the Saint Seiya series.

KissAnime Review:

My favorite TV series from year 2012. This TV show, which I free even refuse to compare with the other ones is the masterpiece created by my favorite director. This TV series literally has everything. This is a TV show you can watch online with any crowd of people, and everyone will enjoy it at least a little.

There are some stages in this TV show that I will remember them until death. Everytime I watch this TV show online, I really enjoy the music, it is just pure soul of that TV series. It’s taken me multiple rewatches and a lot of hours on the wiki to understand everything.

I’m not a true fan of sci-fi & fantasy, but I’m like that too! I haven’t found this full TV show anywhere else so I uploaded it here on KissAnime, now every single person can watch this TV show online free.

Saint Seiya Omega